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We are a private and commercial legal practice with a large client base throughout Greenock and Inverclyde. We provide a high quality legal service for a wide range of situations. As a friendly, approachable, professional company we pride ourselves in knowing our clients and their individual needs.

We offer a wide range of legal services

including in the areas of property purchases and sales, wills and executries, trusts, family law and civil court litigation

and operate Inverclyde’s largest sales & leasing estate agency:

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"I have used Neill Clerk & Murray a couple of times now and I can honestly say I have received 100% sound professional advice throughout. It was the best decision I took when I received advice from a close friend to contact the above solicitors. I fully recommend Neill Clerk & Murray to anyone who needs sound professional advice."

Key staff

David Armstrong


Image of staff member David Armstrong

David joined the firm as a partner in 2001 from another local firm and has had many years experience of conveyancing and the preparation of wills. David deals with all types of property purchases and sales, preparation of wills and powers of attorney on a daily basis and is able to provide his clients with his experience in negotiating the purchase and sale of both residential and commercial property.

Nicola Gillard


Image of staff member Nicola Gillard

Nicola joined the firm in 2001 and has many years of experience in most aspects of legal work. She focuses on trust work, wills and executries and powers of attorney as well as dealing with purchase, sale and lease of residential and commercial property and employment law. Nicola provides her clients with her wide ranging experience and guidance and gives her clients the confidence and peace of mind that their business is being dealt with professionally and competently.

Pauline Ward


Image of staff member Pauline Ward<

Pauline is the firm’s court solicitor and is experienced in many areas of civil litigation. She qualified as a solicitor in 2002, and since then has worked exclusively in Scotland’s civil courts. She was a member of the Council of the Law Society of Scotland as one of their two appointed youth representatives in her early career, and is currently appointed by the Law Society of Scotland as a Peer Reviewer in Civil Legal Aid. She also holds an appointment from the Sheriff Court at Dumbarton as a court welfare reporter where she reports on the arrangements of care in place for children who are the subject of court cases for divorce, contact and residence.

Charlene Duncan


Image of staff member Charlene Duncan

Charlene joined the firm from our Estate Agency in 2016 as a trainee solicitor, and remained with us post-qualification. Charlene deals with a mix of work including guardianships, intervention orders, powers of attorney, wills and executries and residential conveyancing, whilst assisting in the court department in matters including contact, simple procedure and landlord and tenant.

Heather Black


Image of staff member Heather Black

Heather joined the firm in 2016 as a paralegal and assists with the winding up of executry estates and administration of trusts.

Our services

Wills, Trusts and Executries

A will is an important part in ensuring your assets are distributed and dealt with the way you wish following your death. Whether you are thinking about making your will or updating your current will, we can provide you with assistance and guidance from everything from a straightforward will to a complex trust deed.

Residential and Commercial Property

We offer a full range of residential and commercial services and with our extensive knowledge of the legal world our solicitors can be of service in a number of situations, whether you are purchasing your first home, selling your current home, buying a property to rent out, or looking to buy or lease commercial premises for your business.

Powers of Attorney and Guardianships

A Power of Attorney allows you to authorise another, usually a trusted relative or friend, to act on your behalf to deal with your affairs. If a Guardianship order is necessary, we have many years experience dealing with Guardianship applications and can assist you through the process.

Employment Law

We advise both Employers and Employees on all aspects of Employment Law including contracts of employment, compliance with legislation, disciplinary and grievance procedures, redundancy including compromise agreements, unfair dismissal and discrimination.

Divorce and Separation

Reaching a point in your marriage where you decide that the relationship is at an end, with no prospect for reconciliation can be a harrowing and stressful time. There may be financial aspects to consider, a jointly owned home, or any property bought in the course of the marriage, a business, savings, debts and pension all require to be taken into account and considered at the breakdown of a relationship.

Contact and Residence, Parental Rights and Responsibilities and Parentage

When a relationship breaks down, arrangements require to be made in respect of the day to day welfare and wellbeing of any children born of that relationship. We provide advice on rights and responsibilities, child maintenance, legal presumptions of parentage and can provide court representation where necessary.

Claims by Co-Habitees on the Breakdown of a Relationship

In Scotland many people believe that living with someone for a significant period is the same or equivalent to being married to them. This is not the case. Recent legislation has given such people (cohabitees) rights to make claims on the assets and property of the other in very specific circumstances. If your circumstances allow you to make such a claim, we will be happy to assist you and represent your interests fully to ensure any such claim is fully representative of your personal circumstances.


Adoption is a formal legal process in which all the rights and responsibilities relating to a child are transferred to the adoptive parents. If an adoption order is granted by a court, it makes you, the adopter, the child's legal parent. We can assist in all aspects of adoption including advising you about the procedure set down by law and also in guiding you through that process from start to finish.

Specific implement, Interdict and Protective Orders

These are terms used to define court orders which force someone to carry out, or to refrain from carrying out a particular act. They have application in many legal scenarios including, but not limited to, personal safety, abuse and property rights and obligations.

Recovery of Tenancies in cases of rent arrears, contractual breach and nuisance behaviour

Are you a landlord or management agent? Do you need sound advice on recovery of a flat, house or property. We can assist you in all aspects of that recovery including the service of notices, raising of courts actions and representation in same to their conclusion. We are able to advise you on which of the grounds you can seek recovery on and to assist you in the process of actually recovering your property from your tenant.

Debt Recovery including Small Claims and Summary Cause Matters

Does someone owe you money for a loan or services or goods provided? Have they failed to make payment of sums due as a result of debt, goods or services? The Sheriff Courts of Scotland provide a system to allow you to ask the court to make orders about money owed to you. Obtaining a court order is often the first step to allow you to take enforcement procedures including arrestment of wages, property and other methods (known as diligence). We can assist you in the entire process from start to finish.

Property Boundary and Ownership Disputes

Do you own a property in which you have difficulties with a neighbour in relation to the boundary between your properties? Are there aspects to your title deeds in terms of your rights and obligations with which you require advice and assistance? We are available to assist with all matters relative to the nature and extent of your property.

Fatal Accident Inquiries

Fatal Accident Inquiries (FAIs) are held under the Fatal Accidents and Sudden Deaths Inquiry (Scotland) Act 1976. An inquiry must be held in cases of death in custody in Prisons or Police Stations or as a result of an accident at work. If you are notified of such an Inquiry by the Procurator Fiscal following the death of a family member, you will be entitled to attend the hearing and be represented if you wish. You may require advice in understanding the procedure and advice regarding any outcome. We are able to assist in all aspects of Fatal Accidents Inquiries.

Accident Claims in association with Digby Brown Solicitors and Compensate

It is your right if, because of an accident, you have suffered injury and damage to your person or belongings that the negligent party pays you compensation - in many cases this will be the other party’s insurance company. Accident claims have become a very specialised area of the law. At Neill Clerk and Murray we want you to have access to the best expert witnesses and, where possible, with no risk to you in terms of expensive outlays and legal fees. That is why we have an alliance with a specialist claims firm that can offer you the opportunity of a no win no fee scenario whilst still maintaining a local connection for you.


We can advise on all aspects of licensing, including Liquor Licensing (where we deal with Premises Licence Applications, Transfers and Variations and Personal Licence Applications), Gaming Licensing (where we can offer a complete Betting Premises service) and Lotteries and Amusements (where we deal with all types of applications). This is a full service for all types of licensing, from the initial preparation of the application to the appearance at the Licensing Board.

Services For Business

We provide a full range of services to Business clients including advising on: Employment Law; Buying and Selling Commercial Property and Businesses; Commercial Leases on behalf of Landlords and Tenants; Company Law; Licensing Law; Partnerships; Debt Recovery; Drawing Up of Contracts

Elderly Care Advice

We offer advice to elderly clients and their families over a full range of issues including: Wills; Powers of Attorney; Guardianship; Inheritance Planning; Long Term Care Issues; Residential and Nursing Home Fees


Image of historic partner in the firm, Robert Neill
Robert Neill
Image of historic partner in the firm, Stewart Neill
Stewart Neill
Image of historic partner in the firm, Duncan Clerk
Duncan Clerk
Image of historic partner in the firm, George Murray
George Murray

The origins of Neill Clerk & Murray go back a very long way. As with many legal firms, our name has changed a bit over the years but records show that the firm was originally established in 1841 by Robert Neill.

Robert brought his brother Stewart into partnership which then became R & S Neill. Duncan Clerk was subsequently brought into the partnership, followed by Robert Orkney. The firm changed its name to Neill Clerk & Orkney and remained as this until the end of the 19th century when George Murray joined the business and our firm name changed once more to become Neill Clerk & Murray.

Founded in Greenock, the firm developed links with industry in the West of Scotland and was involved with sugar, canvas, shipbuilding and engineering. With the wealth created by these industries new ones arose, providing the firm with an extremely wide range of experience including in the shipbuilding world and helping in Guinea to establish a code of maritime law.

In common with many professional firms, the emphasis of the firm’s activities in the 1960s, 70s and 80s tended to move from contracts and exports to corporate finance, acquisitions and mergers.

Nowadays we still maintain the ability to offer a variety of legal services to a wide range of clients both commercial and individual.

Please note

Our Gourock office is now closed. All title deeds, wills and other documents previously held at that office are now held at our main office at 3 Ardgowan Square, Greenock PA16 8NW.

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